Cacao Ceremony

In April of 2017 I was on a two week retreat in Guatemala. At the end of it all there was a Cacao Ceremony to which I was invited.

I attended but decided it may not be wise to ingest something that my system was unfamiliar with before a long plane ride the following day, so I did not sip the Cacao.

While sitting in a large circle of people being smudged with sage, the plant spirit of cacao was invited in. The drink was being passed around and even though I did not partake, I felt something happening.

I felt a gradual opening of my heart center; it was a euphoric feeling. I recall thinking, “Well, if I feel this good just being in the energy, imagine what ingesting the Cacao could produce!”

Love flowed freely within. As I gazed upon the crowd of people I saw the energy flowing in them as well. It was palpable. The night was so beautiful; an experience I will never forget!

After returning home, Cacao continued to speak with me and I felt a strong pull to bring this heart opening experience to the people around me. So, I started meditating with the spirit of Cacao and asked if it was open to my working with it. I soon felt aligned to a deep “yes.”

Working with heart opening is at the core of my medicine work, for myself and in community. So, it feels extraordinarily appropriate for me to offer this sweet ceremony!

I began researching where to get ceremonial grade cacao along with how to prepare it and create ceremony with it. I have since initiated some private ceremonies to give me the experience of leading others in their cacao journey.

Now, I am thrilled to offer the first group ceremony at Moth and Moon Studio on Sunday, February 25, 2018 from 3 – 5:30 PM.  It seems so fitting to offer the opportunity to open your heart center with cacao in the month of the Valentine’s.

To join me, click here to learn more and register. Please do not hesitate, if you feel called to this ceremony as space is limited!