Sound, Breath and Movement Workshop

A 2-hour workshop designed to energize the body, mind & spirit.

There are many traditions that suggest our bodies contain essential power centers and energy pathways. These power centers have various names but are commonly called chakras.

Regardless of terminology, it is generally agreed that these energy centers are connected to every level of our being; body, mind and spirit.

When the energy in any of these centers becomes blocked or sluggish, we experience it as a loss of vitality, which impacts our quality of life, inhibiting our enjoyment of daily living and personal relationships.

We have the ability to clear chocked energy channels naturally, using sound, breath and movement.

Through a combination of techniques, like chanting, yogic breathing, freestyle movement, drumming and more, you’ll discover fun and easy ways to restore and recharge your vitality.

When:  Coming soon!

Where: Moth and Moon Studio in Bedford, New Hampshire

What time: TBD

How much: $50/person

I hope you’ll join me!