Managing the Energy of Emotion

I recently had the pleasure of teaching and offering Hoops of Life Divination readings at a multi-day community event. In my conversations with people there, I noticed a common thread surfacing. This recurring topic was anxiety.

It prompted me to think more consciously about my own experiences with anxiety and depression and how those feelings, or emotional states, present themselves energetically.

The description that sprang to mind was dense; anxiety and depression create dense vibratory energies. Dense energy is a strain to maintain and explains the accompanying fatigue of anxiety or depression.

It made complete sense to me because when I experience these emotions (or others like them) there is a physical sense of them being trapped inside my body and nervous system.

I feel pretty confident that I am not unique in this way; meaning that if I experience those kind of lower emotions that way, others likely do as well.

All of our feelings and emotions are valid and serve a purpose but if we get stuck in a place of low vibration for too long it can throw us into a wobble.

The longer we remain out of balance, the more energy it takes to get back into balance.

I’m excited to share 3 simple, yet powerful tools with you that move me through these kind of feelings and restore a sense balance!

They are sound, breath and movement!

Sound is vibration. By immersing the body in sound vibration, via  drumming, tuning forks, singing bowls or music, stuck or sluggish energy begins to shift and impact mood.

Breath is our life-force energy. The lungs operate autonomously but the frequency at which our energy vibrates impacts the quality of our breathing. Engaging in deliberate breathing techniques can impact the oxygen levels in our cells and blood stream and illicit an almost instant shift in energy, mood and sense of vitality.

Movement releases stored energy and raises endorphin levels. When energy becomes stuck or stagnant in the body we experience it as pain. When there is pain it may be difficult to give ourselves permission to move. That is okay. Even the smallest amount of movement is beneficial. Something as simple as tapping feet or snapping fingers is a great start! A car travelling at 10 mph will eventually reach a new destination; a parked car won’t. The objective is to just shift out of park.
Each of these tools are great energy shifters on their own but when used together they create a unified conduit that magnifies the ability to raise your vibration and elevate mood.

If you what you’ve read here resonates, I hope you will join me for my first Sound, Breath and Movement Workshop on September 30; an interactive and fun experience of energetic awareness using simple tools and techniques you can replicate anytime you need or want to.

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