Kriya Massage

Kriya (pronounced KREE-ah) is a regenerating experience, performed in a smooth-flowing connected pattern that combines energy work with Swedish, neuromuscular or somato-emotional release techniques.

Experiencing Kriya massage can feel like stepping out of time and space.

It aids the subconscious mind so that shifts or adjustments to programmed responses may occur. As such, a spontaneous release of energy or emotions may be experienced during a Kriya massage session.

How does Kriya Massage differ from Swedish Massage?

With Kriya Massage, the focus is to connect body, mind, and spirit and align energy. In contrast, Swedish massage focuses solely on manipulating body tissue. Kriya offers a more holistic approach to wellness and healing.

Why should I choose Kriya massage?

Emotion is stored in the body, mind and spirit and can lead to imbalances that show up as pain and illness. Kriya helps reset the energy of the receiver allowing for shifts to occur and release the source of imbalance.

With Kriya, client and practitioner are partners in healing.

It is a soothing treatment that brings the receiver to a place of rest and reset. Everyone can benefit from this type of massage and those with an established spiritual or meditation practice may experience enhanced benefit.

My training in the art of delivering Kriya massage has immeasurably enriched my work. When clients choose Kriya it is as much a gift for me as it is for them as I allow my intuition to guide my hands in a fluid dance that integrates universal, life-affirming energy to align and harmoniz body, mind and spirit.

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