Hoops of Life Divination

If you are drawn to Shamanistic and primal symbology,

Hoops of Life Divination may hold deeply profound messages for you!

We are all part of the rhythm of nature. Shamanism is the use of naturally occurring energies that emanate from the earth and divine forces of the universe to facilitate healing on all the levels of being; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Hoops of Life Divination (HoLD) is a system of divination I developed as the result of more than 25 years of walking my own spiritual path. It is designed to create awareness of the places in your life that await your attention, so you can active healing and nurture your soul’s quest to achieve or restore wholeness.

This unique system for exploring personal rhythms combines the wisdom of nature as revealed through the use of animal allies, runes and stones as guides to understanding the cycles of life.

The HoLD system also incorporates wheels of life such as the Celtic Wheel of the year, and aboriginal wheels of the earth along with the cycle of life-death-rebirth to reveal correspondent pathways within. 

During a HoLD consultation, the symbols work as a guide that help you listen to what your physical, mental and emotional being is asking for in order to mend new or long-standing wounds.

When you come to a consultation with questions like “What is this pain trying to communicate?” or “What is the underlying source of this dis-ease?” you may be astounded and powerfully affirmed by what is revealed.

I welcome the opportunity to embark on a HoLD sojourn with you and discover the cycles and seasons of your life, learn how they are affecting your experience, and uncover the guidance you need to shift patterns calling for healing.

  • A 30-minute session is just $75
  • A 60-minute session is $145
  • Inquire about 6 or 12 month mentoring

Contact me to learn more or to schedule a HoLD consultation.

I look forward to journeying together!