Blessed Bundles

Healing takes courage and commitment.

It takes the courage to:

  • admit to yourself that you are not living your life as fully as you could be.
  • recognize that whatever is holding you back resides within you.
  • accept that if you want your life to change, you must be willing to change your views and beliefs.
  • take action in the face of this knowledge.

And it takes commitment:

  • to the process.
  • to yourself – to show up consistently, gently and lovingly to do the work.

In addition to all of that, those seeking spiritual healing often benefit from the guidance of a skilled facilitator. I have that skill.

If you are at a point where you ready to invest in yourself, both energetically and financially, so that you may live according to your heart’s desire, I am eager to be your partner in your process.

You are certainly welcome to schedule a single shamanic healing session with me at any time. But because I know that consistency yields faster results, I want to reward (and applaud) your commitment to consistency with this special Blessed Bundle savings.

3 Shamanic Healing Sessions for $399
(a  $435 value!)

About Deer

Deer represents compassion, peace, intellect, gentleness, kindness, caring, grace and femininity. It has long been my totem and guide. Deer comes to me often to remind me that I am on my path and fully in my power when I am using my gifts to guide others in healing.